Darksun defiance


In a small village, preparations are made for a coming of age celebration. As innocence is lost the sands reveal a source of power. Power, unfortunately, is desired by many and always comes at a price.


This campaign uses the Dark Sun 4th Edition rules. In general, players are encouraged to choose Dark Sun options whenever possible. Material is not allowed from the following sources without permission:

  • Anything with a divine power source
  • Eberron or FR campaign settings (including from Dragon/Dungeon)
  • Other Dragon and Dungeon material requires approval

Players are encouraged to review old AD&D 2nd edition Dark Sun content and create new rules based on that material. Players are encouraged to reskin core 4E content to make it better fit the Dark Sun campaign world.

Please see the wiki for additional game and character creation rules.

Crown of Sorrow

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