Character Generation

Character Creation


PCs for this campaign should start at 3rd level.


You are encouraged to first pick your race, class, and theme as a role-playing concept. These three aspects will have a very profound impact on the way the setting reacts to the PC. If you like a particular combination but do not like the mechanical options, we can work together to improve the balance of those options (for example, creating alternate theme powers).

Allowed Material


Character creation uses core and Dark Sun rules. The term “goliath” should be avoided – the term “half-giant” is used in this campaign. Similarly, “dragonborn” are actually Dray and are uncommon to rare in the Tablelands.

Mul PCs may also choose any of the feats in the Dragon 391 ‘Winning Races: Muls’ article with the exception of “Born in Darkness”


Classes must be from the allowed material.
Some granted weapons may not fit the feel of Dark Sun. We can work together on substitutes.


Themes provide a free power and access to additional powers via feats. Themes act as backgrounds and origins and are important in determining how others react to you and the opportunities you will have available to you within the setting.

Escaped Slave – from Dragon 390 magazine, obvious concept.
Dune Trader – merchant, cool mobility powers
Athasian Minstrel – bard/assassin, poison powers, concept of being a duplicitous entertainer
Elemental Priest – worship elements, summon elemental spirits and dismiss them for cool stuff
Gladiator – fighting tricks, arena stuff
Noble Adept – gain 1 extra power point, raised by nobles and high class, leaderish command people powers
Primal Guardian – sort of druidish wild areas protector, powers that let you change form and be the land
Templar – you received templar training, neat command people and if-then powers
Veiled Alliance – you support the secret organization that protects preservers, hide/move/arcane powers.
Wasteland Nomad – grew up in the wilds, powers based on being the only one fighting something.
Wilder – psionic talents, powers are cool psychic dmg but do not use power points, some strong defense/offense powers.


Because you are all from the same village, your characters will all know one another. However, you may have very different backgrounds in terms of why you grew up in this village and you may have markedly different worldviews. If you feel a kinship toward a particular PC, then it is permissible to work collaboratively on initial character concepts. Keep in mind that friendship can be a weakness in Dark Sun that others will exploit. You are probably young (due to this coming of age ceremony), but you could also be from outside the village and accepted during the last year and now allowed to “come of age” with the others.


Each PC speaks common and may select additional languages equal to one plus their Intelligence bonus (16 provides 4 additional languages). Languages usually reflect your background, such as time spent by you or your parents among certain races or city-states.

The languages spoken include:

  • Every race has a language, except for humans
  • Every city has a language
  • Most monsters have a language

A list will be provided in the future – feel free to ask!

Wild Talents

You may take the feat that grants Wild Talents, buy otherwise you will not begin play with Wild Talents. Opportunities for acquisition will exist during play. If you see one you find particularly fitting, let me know.


You begin with 75 gp, which you may use to purchase any items with the following exceptions:


  • Heavy armor can have negative effects in the desert sun; very few on Athas will wear it. The exact rules are being determined.


  • Change cost of Singing Sticks to 15 gp
  • Crossbows exist, but are jealously guarded by the city-states. It is illegal to have one in a city without permission.

Adventuring Gear

  • A standard adventurer’s kit does not have a sunrod, nor flint and steel (they are not available in DS), but does have a Fire Kit.
  • Everburning torches are likewise not available, as is anything magical or alchemical (people fear these items)
  • You do not start with desert clothing
  • Tools normally made of metal, such as Grappling Hooks, are made of bone or wood and break on a skill check roll of 1.
  • The price listed for Sunbalm is for a large quantity (large enough to not track your personal use. An individual daily application sells for 1gp.
  • In this campaign Distillation Kits cannot be easily purchased. They are large, bulky, and not suitable for adventurers.


  • Rituals can be purchased, but it is difficult to find them outside of places like an elven market
  • If you start play with a ritual, please check the ritual with me to ensure it fits the campaign
  • You begin play with enough ritual components to use each of your rituals once. Ritual components can often be fashioned from survival days in extremis, but may affect the outcome.

Character Generation

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