House Rules

Allowed Sources

This campaign uses the Dark Sun 4th Edition rules. In general, players are encouraged to choose Dark Sun options whenever possible. Material is not allowed from the following sources without permission:

  • Anything with a divine power source
  • Eberron or FR campaign settings (including from Dragon/Dungeon)
  • Other Dragon and Dungeon material requires approval

List of Dragon/Dungeon Articles with links

Players are encouraged to review old AD&D 2nd edition Dark Sun content and create new rules based on that material. Players are encouraged to reskin core 4E content to make it better fit the Dark Sun campaign world.

Optional Campaign Rules (found in the 4E DS sourcebook)

This campaign uses the following optional campaign rules:

  • Metal armor and overheating
  • Weapon breakage: Reckless Breakage. In additional, when you roll a critical hit you may also break your weapon to gain an additional basic attack against the target. A list of acceptable weapon substitutes will be provided.
  • Inherent bonuses: When the characters reach 2nd level, they gain a +1 fixed bonus to attack rolls and damage rolls. Fixed bonuses do not stack with enhancement bonuses gained from magic items. Dun8eon Masters Guide 1 has more information on fixed bonuses (page 138).

House Rules


Intimidate: The intimidate skill can be used to cause a bloody opponent to surrender, unless it is an Elite or Solo.


Expertise Feats and Weapon Focus: These feats are available and may be chosen as usual. However, they are also bundled for free when a PC takes certain other feats.

  • You may gain one Expertise or Focus feat (your choice) when you take your first of any of these feat types:
    • Arena Fighting (old Dragon magazine Arena feats count as well)
    • Theme (any feat that references your theme)
    • Weapon (any feat that grants a power related to a specific Dark Sun weapon. For example: Whip Expert feat on p.112)
  • You may gain an additional Expertise or Focus feat when you take your third of any of those feat types. (You can mix and match; taking one theme feat and two weapon feats could grant you free Weapon Focus and Weapon Expertise feats!).

Arena Fighting Feats: After character creation, these require in-character justification or training. However, you may choose any one encounter power for the benefit, subject to DM review, instead of the listed power (whether At-Will or Encounter).

Theme Feats: For every two theme feats, you gain a +1 to attack with theme powers.

Choosing Theme Powers: In Chapter 3, “Character Themes” there are various theme powers you can substitute for your regular powers you would gain for a class. Some of these powers may not be very strong. If that is the case let’s discuss (a good way is to compare the power you would take from your class to the theme power and then open the discussion with those two as an example for me.

Choosing Theme Powers or Weapon Feats: For every three you choose, one of the powers becomes additional instead of a substitute. For example, you could take three theme powers and make the highest level one an additional power and still retain your class power for that level. Similarly, you could take three weapon feats that grant powers, such as Whip Novice, Whip Expert, and Whip Specialist and then choose one of the granted powers (perhaps Whip Snare) and make it an additional power you have instead of swapping out a level 3 or higher encounter attack power from your class.

Despite this obvious attempt to strengthen the coolness of weapon feats and theme options, you should still feel free not to take those if it does not fit your concept.


Dominate: When dominated, a creature takes a single standard action as directed by their controller on the controller’s turn. They in addition can take a single action of their choice on their own turn. This keeps players from “sitting idle” when dominated.

In addition, some powerful monsters may have a form of domination where the controlled PC can take a greater range of actions on the controller’s turn!

House Rules

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